Careers in Architecture

Architecture is the art of designing and constructing buildings.

Let's focus on 7 branches related to architecture career.

Landscape Architect- Designing outdoor landscapes, including infrastructure, public areas, agriculture, and forestry is vital for constructing the webs that bind our urban and rural spaces, but also, and perhaps more importantly, it’s essential for responding to globalization and climate change.

  • Urban Planner- As a result of a rapidly growing percentage of our population moving into urban areas, the conditions of urbanism are constantly in a state of flux.

 Restoration Architect-Our societies’ heritage and history as presented through architecture are not only beautiful glimpses into the past but also crucial to understanding our culture as a discipline. Conservation and restoration of buildings are undeniably a challenge it is never possible to please everyone.

Research Architect- With the current wave of digital design and constant advancement of digital tools, our methods of representation and expression are changing dramatically. Information technology has had a profound impact on architecture that is far from over.

Lighting Architect- Light has a profound impact on our mental and physical health, as anyone living at high latitudes can empathize with them. Delving into the architecture of lighting entails improving the quality of our experiences, our health and well-being, and the sustainability of not only the natural environment but also smaller spaces such as our work environments.

Political Architect- Some argue that architecture is by nature political, however, being active in the political decision of a city or country is a different story. Architecture is more than just creating beautiful objects; the discipline has a value in organizing society.

Extreme Architect- With the current development of climate change, extreme weather conditions such as floods, heat waves, and hurricanes are predicted to increase.

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