Carrier in Art and Design

A career in the field of art and design can mean working as a photographer, an art teacher, or an industrial designer. Careers in art and design are all about creating things that are appealing to the eye.

It may be possible to begin a career as a photographer with no postsecondary training, but art teachers and industrial designers need a bachelor's degree. Great news for creative folks like you there are all sorts of design careers that allow you to capitalize on your innate creativity.

Advertising & promotions manager-Professionals in these positions often work in agencies to organize campaigns for clients. They may also be responsible for selling advertising space or time for media firms.

Multimedia artist & animator- These professionals create animations and special effects for movies, television, video games, and other forms of media both two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

Film & video editor- Film and video editors use technical software to construct promotional or artistic productions from footage shot by camera operators.

Photographer- Photographers utilize their creativity and composition skills alongside their technical expertise to capture photographs that tell a story or document an event.

User experience designer- UX designers make websites, mobile applications, software, or video games easier to navigate and more intuitive for users to interact with.

Fashion designer- Professionals in this field design new clothing and accessories. Designs are sketched on paper and then colors, materials, and textures of the final product are determined.

Art director- Art directors work in a variety of settings such as magazines, newspapers, internet-based publications, and advertising or public relations agencies. They communicate with clients while overseeing project budgets and timelines.

Interior designer- Professionals in this occupation work with interior spaces to improve the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the area. They select color schemes, furniture, flooring, lighting, and all other elements of a room or building.

Graphic designer- One of the most in-demand design professionals out there is a graphic designer. These professionals create designs for marketing collateral, product illustrations, brand identities, and websites using computer software like the Adobe® Creative Suite.

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