We all understand well that through practice, a person becomes skilled in particular work. The practice is the key to success, And separately from this, hard work and strong determination are the two scales of success. Subjects such as General Knowledge store a lot of information in them.

Keeping in mind the usefulness of its participants,Genius maker has offered daily practice questions. This section helps to improve general knowledge and IQ level of participants. It's a kind of quiz, in which the general questions will come in front of participants, which they have to answer within 30 seconds. As soon as you give the correct answer, it comes in front of you by writing on the page that congratulations, you have given the correct answer, if you do not give the correct answer, After that, the correct answer to that question is displayed in front of you. This section helps in increasing the general knowledge of the participants. In this, points are not awarded to the participants for giving correct answers.