Avoid making a mistaken statement out of rage.

A young boy who had an extremely nasty temper once lived. His father made the choice to give him a bag of nails and instructed him to drive a nail into the fence each time the child lost his temper.

The child drove 37 nails into that fence on the first day.

Over the subsequent weeks, the child gradually learned to control his fury, and he stopped driving as many nails into the fence. He found that keeping his temper in check was simpler than driving those nails into the fence.


Finally, the boy experienced a day where he never lost his cool. He broke the news to his father, who proposed that the child pick out a nail each day that he managed his temper.


After a few days had passed, the young child was finally able to inform his father that all of the nails had fallen out. The father led his son to the fence while holding his hand.


"You did well, my son, but notice the holes in the fence," I said. Never again will the fence be the same. Things you say while you're angry also leave scars like this one. A knife can be inserted into a man and drawn out. No matter how many times you apologise, the wound will remain open.

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