Be kind to others even if it hurts you

When ice cream sundae prices were lower, a 10-year-old boy went into a hotel coffee shop and sat down at a table. He was given a glass of water by the waitress

What is the cost of an ice cream sundae?

The waitress retorted, "50 cents."

The young child examined many coins in his pocket after taking his hand out of it.

He said, "How much is a dish of ordinary ice cream?" The waitress was growing agitated as some customers waited for tables at this time.

brusquely, "35 cents," she replied.

The young child once more counted the pennies. He replied, "I'll have the plain ice cream."

After bringing the ice cream and placing the check on the table, the waitress left. After finishing the ice cream, the boy paid the cashier and left.


When the waitress returned, she started wiping off the table and had to force a hard swallow when she noticed what she had done.


Her tip was 15 cents, which were neatly placed next to the empty dish.

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