Ignore The Haters

"Two frogs fell into a deep pit as they were moving through the forest in a group. The two frogs were informed that there was no chance left for them when the other frogs realised how deep the pit was.


The two frogs chose to disregard their friends and continue trying to jump out of the pit. The frogs at the top of the hole, however, continued to advise them to give up because they would never be able to escape.

One of the frogs eventually listened to what the other frogs were saying and gave up, jumping even more to his demise. The second frog kept jumping as forcefully as he could. The bunch of frogs yelled at him to stop hurting and to simply die once more.


He didn't pay attention to them, leaped higher, and eventually got it out. Did you not hear us, the other frogs cried when he emerged from the water.

The frog informed them that he was deaf and that he had mistakenly believed they were supporting him the entire time.

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