Despite your damage, you are still valuable.

"A well-known lecturer opened a seminar by displaying a $20 cash. 200 people had gathered to listen to him speak. Who would like this $20 bill, he enquired?

200 hands were raised.

I'm going to give one of you this $20, but let me do this first, he said. He tattered the bill.

Who still wants it, he then enquired?

There were still 200 hands up.

He responded, "Well, what if I do this?" He then threw the banknote to the floor and trampled it with his sneakers.

He took it up and displayed it to the audience. The banknote was filthy and scrunched up.

"Now who wants it still?"

Still, every hand was raised.

"My friends, I just taught you a crucial lesson." You desired the money regardless of what I did to it since its value remained constant. Still, it was worth $20. Life crushes and grinds us into the dirt a lot in our lives. We suffer from terrible conditions or make poor decisions. We feel unworthy. You will never lose your value, regardless of what has happened or will happen. You are unique; never forget that.

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