Think outside of the box Short Motivation Story.

A tiny company owner owing a loan shark a sizable sum of money in a small Italian town hundreds of years ago. The loan-shark was a very old, ugly-looking man who just so happened to be interested in the daughter of the company owner.

He made the decision to present the businessman with a proposal that would entirely erase the amount owing to him. But there was a catch—we would forgive the loan only if he could wed the businessman's daughter. This idea, it goes without saying, was welcomed with contempt.


The loan shark promised to put one white and one black stone inside a bag.

The daughter would next have to select a stone by reaching into the bag. If it was black, however, the loan shark would then wed her even though the debt would be erased. The debt would also be erased if it were white, but the daughter would not be required to wed the loan-shark.

The loan shark was standing on a path lined with pebbles in the businessman's garden. He bowed down and picked up two pebbles. The daughter saw that when he was picking them up, he picked up two black stones and put them both inside the bag.

Then he instructed the daughter to select one by reaching into the bag.

Naturally, the daughter had three options for what she might have done:

Refuse to take a stone out of the bag.

Pull both pebbles out of the bag to call the loan shark out on his deception.

Pick a black stone out of the bag knowing full well that it would be her sacrifice in exchange for her father's freedom.

Before even glancing at it, she pulled a pebble out of the bag and "accidentally" dropped it among the other stones. As she addressed the loan shark,


Oh, how foolish I was. Never worry, you can tell which pebble I chose if you search the bag for the one that is still there.

Since the pebble the daughter dropped was obviously black and the loan shark didn't want to be discovered, he had to pretend that the stone was white in order to pay off her father's debt.

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