Stop chasing happiness

The settlement was home to an elderly guy. The entire community had grown weary of him since he was continually depressed, griping, and unhappy. 

He grew more repulsive and his comments became more poisoned as he lived longer. People tried to stay away from him since his bad luck was contagious. He caused others to experience unhappiness. 

But when he became 80 years old, a remarkable thing occurred. The notion that "the old man is cheerful today, he doesn't complain about anything, grins, and even his face is freshened up" quickly spread around the entire room.

What happened to you? the entire community gathered around the man and enquired of him.


There's nothing extraordinary, the old man retorted. I searched for happiness for 80 years, but it was fruitless. I finally made the decision to just enjoy life and not try to find happiness. I'm glad right now because of that.

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