Short Story of Motivational Don't go into it thinking you'll fail.

A marine biologist used a shark and many small bait fish in a big holding tank as part of a research experiment.

The shark immediately swam around the tank, attacked, and devoured the smaller fish, as one might anticipate.

The marine biologist then divided the tank into two compartments by inserting a sturdy piece of clear fibreglass. She then placed a fresh batch of bait fish on one side of the fibreglass and the shark on the other.

Once more, the shark struck rapidly. The shark hit the fibreglass border this time, but it bounced off. The shark persisted in engaging in this action ineffectively for several minutes. The bait fish continued to swim about in the second partition undamaged. The shark eventually gave up after approximately an hour of the trial.

 Over the following few weeks, this experiment was performed a number of dozen times. Every time, the shark became less hostile and made fewer efforts to attack the bait fish. Eventually, the shark grew weary of slamming against the fibreglass divider and stopped making any attacks.

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